Entry #6

It's been a while

2016-03-28 05:38:33 by Xaeon03

Well shit, it's been a while since I've actually done anything of merit on this site. I may change that though, I'm not super active online in general but I definitely post more things I make on Twitter. This is because I'm happier putting shit in progress on sketches or doodles on Twitter than here. Hell, even my website (which I accidentally renewed) doesn't get as much as my Twitter account. 

As for what I've actually been doing. I've been working. Getting a steady pay check making art and graphic designing, however none of my art and things I'm proud of ever get to see the light of day outside the business and it's practices. I'm starting to draw more and sketch more at home though so that's all I will ever be able to post. 

I tried to get into the Haunted Library OCT from DeviantArt but again, just as with the Walking City, I didn't get past the audition stage. Kinda killing my enthusiasm for making comics.

But anyway, feel free to follow my Twitter if you give a shit. Peace. @Xaeon03


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